The Eyes-Free Arch Iso

Contact us

TalkingArch is a volunteer project, but this doesn't mean that the volunteers are unreachable. There are many ways to reach us if you have questions, want to make a suggestion or just want to chat with some friendly people.


One of the quickest and easiest ways to ask a question or just to chat with some helpful and friendly people is on our IRC channel, #talkingarch on We have someone in the channel nearly all the time to help you, or just to have some good fun.

Support e-mail

If you need technical support regarding using Arch Linux or the TalkingArch build system or iso image, send an e-mail to support [at] talkingarch [dot] tk, and someone will be able to either help you directly or find the answer. It may take some time, but we do make our best effort to answer every question.

NotABug issue tracker

As a benefit of the migration of our git repository from Gitorious to NotABug, we now have an issue tracking system. If you find any bugs in the TalkingArch iso or the build system, you can file a bug report at our NotABug project page.

GNU Social

In addition to our awesome blog", TalkingArch now has a home on a GNU Social website. Follow from any GNU Social website where you have an account, or if you don't already have an account, register one on ShoutIt. You will be able to see the shoutbox without an account, but you will also be able to shout @talkingarch if you do have an account.