The Eyes-Free Arch Iso


About the Project

TalkingArch started as Chris Brannon's personal project to help him more easily install Arch Linux with speech. With much help and input from the community, and with the wonderful work of the Archiso team powering the back end, TalkingArch has grown to become one of the best available live images for rescue and recovery, as well as for installing Arch Linux. Although it is not an official Arch Linux install image, the aim of the project is to stay as consistent as possible with the official install image and Arch principles, while adding speech and braille support to allow Arch Linux to be installed by blind and visually impaired users.

About the Team

TalkingArch is maintained by Kyle, who builds computers and provides technical support for various Linux distributions, primarily for individuals, and also works with the Sonar Project, and by Kelly Prescott, who contracts with businesses to provide computer-related consulting services focusing on open-source software. Hosting for the website, files and support e-mail is provided by Kyle.


Sincere thanks goes out to Chris Brannon, the past maintainer and creator of TalkingArch, and to the following people for submitting valuable feedback regarding the project: and too many others to name here; you know who you are. Also, heartfelt gratitude goes to the Archiso developers, who maintain the official Arch Linux iso build system. We can't thank you enough for all the great work you do.